(SPOILER) About this everlasting paniful... Ending

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As you probably witnessed the ending of this game and the whole emotional drama that takes place..
I will further try not to repeat all these threads before me.
Unlike any other games that ever caused post game depression.Enderal created a new bond between me and these characters being more precise I'm talking about Calia and Jespar these two fictional characters have just messed me up so badly as if they are real.
Even found grieving users out there and therefore I ask what in the world have you done to us ?
Both amazed and revolted but really the dignity which Calia contains herself. And admiration build up for so long Jespar the one who saves you in the beginning all how in the end he is happy to be a part in something good , these adventures the depth in which you know them both devastates me in the end.If it would be in my power I would probably drop dead with those two by by side but only not fled.

And here I come with an alternative, maybe you could somehow create a different ending in which throughout the whole suffering you I don't know save them both.Take Jespar/Calia and say: -You know what I will take you no matter if you don't want to go.Or make them flee end you remain behind.
Or who knows drop down this beacon seal it... Make a good character that stops this all I don't know "a forgotten lightborn a truly flawless one" or that veiled woman. We never had a truly good character in the game.Make an alternative moral veiled woman I don't know just stop it please.
It doesn't feel right all of this effort and no matter what you find a companion dying can't take it anymore.
I mean seriously ,you defeat the legendary black guardian and can't even cope with a tiny clensing.
The black guardian who witnessed all the human history and we wake that can't even afford to save +1 character.
And by the way where is the third capsule.

Sorry ... It's just probably I am going mad
Now I address all of those who can't accept the loss of that second character.
Take a blank paper and write the ending as you wish it to be.For me it will calm down my senses.My world in which I will do my duty as said.. They both didn't deserve that their striving is paid with the becoming of a high one.... How consoling ... Really.
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I brought up something similar to this here:

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Calia and Jaspar crept up on me. Even Biowares excellent character development pales in comparison to them.

I am very uncomfortable with the whole concept of waifu, it seems twisted and unhealthy to me, but then I found I actually had feelings for Calia.

Nicely played SureAI.

However players do not of themselves deserve a happy ending. Heroic sacrifice ids a fair endpoint, however there need to be more endings, and yes some way to 'win', because that is what most players want.
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