Hardcore playthrough

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My first playthrough was with elemental spec and it felt... boring. Not the game itself, but dual cast one shotting everything. Every fight was easy and I almost never used pots even when I upped difficulty settings. I now making a new playthrough with hardcore ruleset and its MUCH more interesting. Rules:

1. Master difficulty. I think it provides good balance between difficulty and fights not becoming too tedious.
2. Melee spec (red line). I went for 1h+shield with perks for 1h dmg.
3. You can not use any magic but you CAN use scrolls and staves.
4. No alchemy. Crafting is allowed tho.
5. You can use bow only for opener (first shot at every fight sequence).
6. Permadeath. You die = game over.

So far its like survival. You recieve alot of dmg, every healing potion and abrozia matters, you have to use poisons and food. Most money go into buying healing pots. Going into unknown ruins is scary. 6th step might be too hardcore for most, but you can try Enderal with the rest of ruleset if you want some challenge.
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Hey, interesting!
I played an archer-rogue on Iron Path and it went pretty well. To lower the difficulty down to master and no "die-reload-die-reload" seems a huge challenge to me. I'm in for strategic playthrough. Sounds like it will be a sword and board with heavy armor for no-die survival. Though would like to add Frostfall & Camping too!
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