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What happened to the 3d paper map? :(
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I would like to know it too, I like it much more then the skyrim-like map.
Enderal Team
Enderal Team
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We had technical problems with the implementation of the paper map. Map markers did not display correctly at all. :/
So we had to change to a non-optimized map similar to ther map version of Skyrim.
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28.04.2016 15:53Nicolas Samuel hat geschrieben:
Yeah, CDProjekt seems like a very genuine studio. Not to mention that, in my opinion, W3 is one of the best RPGs ever made. If we had more games likes this (or Pillars of Eternity), games would have an easier time becoming recognized as "equals" among books and movies. Actually, I'm thinking about applying at CDProjekt once Enderal is out (and after my 4 month Asia journey). :)
After Cyberpunk 2077 they are going to do Witcher 4. I have no doubt it would be an awesome game. What are your expectations?
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