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Hi guys,
we are still working on Forgotten Stories but of course the main content needs further polish. Here is a list of all fixes, adjustments and changes that have made their way into the internal build after the last official patch was published on 03 March 2018.
Note that these fixes haven’t been patched yet and therefore mentioned bugs are still in Enderal. These fixes will come along with Forgotten Stories. Also note that the following sections contain spoilers. Keep in mind that the definitions of what is “Tech”, “Balancing”, ”UI” etc are blurred a bit, they usually go hand in hand.
Thanks to external helpers (gavrant, Ixion, archerarcher) who contributed to these fixes and our internal testers for helping us making Enderal a more enjoyable Total Conversion.
Let us know what you think.

  • “Bad Vibrations”: Tarhutie’s Elixir can only be used once in the Clear Water Cave.
  • “Revenge is Sour”: Belend rewards the player character (hereinafter called player) with the proper amount of coins.
  • “The Brotherhood of the Kor”: Rukas’ corpse can now actually be found.
  • “Secrets from the Can”: There won’t be a second note in the casket on the beach. Removed unused properties from the respective script.
  • “Divide and Conquer”: Milbert and Sila now have proper AI behaviour after finishing the quest.
  • “The Voice from the Water”: Jugar now talks properly to the player if the player sits down before him. Furthermore, bribing Meldor gives you the proper reward if your speechcraft is below 25 and fixed a compiler error of a script.
  • “Put Off the Evil Hour”: Vynroot is no longer purchasable multiple times. The scene with Kabar and the two Rhalâta guys can’t be interacted with to prevent some strange bugs. Furthermore Kabar’s note can’t be interacted with before the respective objective was displayed.
  • “Like Newly Born”: Added missing script that prevented the body of the apothearius to spawn.
  • “Apotheosis, Part I”: Pahtira is now present in the final scene of the quest under every circumstance.
  • “The Butcher of Ark”: Quest Objectives are now really fixed.
  • “Myths and Legends”: Made sure that the Ash Widow can’t respawn under all circumstances.
  • “Eventualities”: Fixed “Scrollbug” in Elia’s dialogue resulting in all options being displayed properly.
  • “Retribution”: Added multiple fixes at the start of the quest. The quest can’t trigger multiple times now.
  • “Retribution”: Plotstopper fixed that got introduced with the new NQ34 start.
  • “Fever”: Added a new little side quest to better illustrate how the player’s fever evolves and that it got “cured” by Lishari.
  • “Wanted in Ark/Riverville”: Fixed a couple EXP issues within both quests.
  • Scene: It’s not possible for the player anymore to engage the dialogue in Duneville multiple times which resulted in some weird force greet behaviour of one sailor.
  • Scene: Bandits no longer respawn.

  • “Two Souls, Part V”: Removed the torch from Calia’s inventory to make sure that it won’t obstruct the scenery.
  • “Every Day Like the Last, Part V” and “Two Souls, Part V”: The player should now really not be able to start the quest a second time.
  • “A New Life”: The player gets healed before the execution scene starts to prevent the player from hearing the annoying sound of low health points for like 4 minutes of dialogue.
  • “It Starts with the Dreams”: The player controls will be disabled propery after entering the meditation area for the first time.
  • “The Void”: The player is now only able to sit down after Alfrid finished talking to prevent the scene being stuck if the dialogue get clicked through quickly. Furthermore Alfrid no longer runs to the bench.
  • “Taming the Waves”: Fixed an elevator that rotated strangely.
  • “Part of Something Momentous, Part I”: Split the voice lines of Aixon so that the won’t be cut off end the end.
  • “Part of Something Momentous, Part II”: Removed an unnecessary in-game time jump at the consecration.
  • “Part of Something Momentous, Part II”: Fixed one of the two famous “Greyscreen bug” caused by floating furniture that formerly resulted in the game being stuck and not processing after leaving the prison of Aixon.
  • “Part of Something Momentous, Part II”: Fixed the second “Greyscreen bug” caused by Jespar not being present after leaving the prison of Aixon.
  • “Part of Something Momentous, Part II”: Added a failsafe that ports Natara to the correct place so she can be part of the conversation if she isn’t present in the first place due to unknown reasons.
  • “Into the Deep”: Magic traps in Fogville and the Living Temple work again properly.
  • “Into the Deep”: Added a failsafe in case Taranor is missing for unknown reasons.
  • “All the Dead Souls”: The player is no longer able to block Adila’s fireball spell with the magical ward spell causing the scene being stuck.
  • “A Song in the Silence”: Invisibility works now with the Stealth Mini game in Dal’Geyss house.
  • “A Song in the Silence”: Disabled the Mercenary after the quest.
  • “Black Light, Part II”: Fixed a newly produced bug in a scene in front of the harbour gate of Ark.
  • “Black Light, Part II”: Doors from the Nobles Quarter towards the Market Place are properly blocked during the early stages of the quest. This prevents the player from running around Ark on his own and getting eventually stuck due to all doors being closed.
  • “Black Light, Part II”: A guard from the first siege scene will be properly disabled.
  • “Black Light, Part III”: Additional barriers added to other gates that lead outside of Ark.
  • “Forgotten Homeland, Part I”: The dialogue between the two arcanists won’t play during the meetup of Yuslan and Lexil.
General Tech Stuff:
  • Addressed a huge amount of CK and Papyrus Log warnings and errors potentially increasing performance and stability.
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in the player receiving a “Double Level-up” while killing two or more enemies at the same time e.g. with an AOE Spell.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the level up to get stuck when the player was running away / hiding from enemies while the player received a level up in this specific fight.
  • Fixed instrumental bards at the Market Place, in the South Quarter, in the Undercity and in the Bathhouse. They are now playing their music in sync with their animations. The range and volume has been adjusted to better fit their environment.
  • Fixed a gambling table lockout when the player interacted with the table while having less than ten penny coins in his inventory.
  • When the player attempts to cheat in the card game “Battle of Treomar”, the player will always try to swap out his lowest card.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the player being detected cheating on a gambling game, even if all cards were already “10s” when attempting to cheat.
  • Fixed an issue with exiting the bet/stake entry field of both gambling games.
  • Hay bales no longer bleed when being attacked.
  • Fixed or removed and replaced a bunch of broken models and textures that would otherwise increased the chances for the game to crash.
  • Fixed a rare issue that caused a notification not being displayed upon choosing a perk while meditating.
  • Probably fixed the issue that the alchemy shop in the Suntemple was locked even during daytime.
  • Added new character presets.
  • Adding better usability for horse flute, it no longer gets removed from your favourite list upon using it. Furthermore the mount does not spawn directly on the player which looked kinda weird.
  • Fixed an issue causing the camera being stuck in first person after “returning” from meditating despite entering the meditation area from third person in the first place.
  • The camera will be adjusted properly after finishing the digging animation if you started digging in first person view in the first place.
  • Fixed visibility issues with the gloves of the Well-travelled-One Set.
  • Fixed a script that caused the weather being switched constantly in Ark upon exiting and entering buildings. The bug only occured after the siege of Ark.
  • Spriggan FX can now no longer be applied to the player obstructing the vision.
  • Added Mfg Console.
  • Adjusted some conditions on generic dialogue and scenes.
  • Housing: Massive Chest model adjusted, fixed scaling on some plant models
  • Fixed the first encounter/dialogue with Gabor Gaboff.
  • Guards no longer tend to imprison the player while already being imprisoned.
  • Fixed fast travel to the South Quarter for old saves.
  • Cows and pigs will wander around, graze and feed. Cows will rest and "sleep".
  • Removed some aggro animations on trolls and mammoths.
  • Added a check for certain events in scripts that are attached to the player to prevent that these functions and events get called on a copy of the player that is used in MQ09.
  • Added in some cleanup for dead persistent bodies and moved the body cleanup of bounty targets from the script on the Quest Alias to an extra script of the base object of the actor.
  • The rhetoric option when opening a bank account will work properly and only if the player has more than a hundred coins at hand.
  • Adjusted the smoking scripts to work properly.
  • Removed Vampire Dust.
  • Fixed and optimized Torch unequip code.
  • Deleted unused dialogue.
  • Cleaned up a lot of scripts from unused stuff.

Perks, Talents, Spells and such:
  • Added the option to assign a different hotkey for Meditation (defaults to Y). Meditation is therefore no longer assigned with the talent key unless you select it in the magic menu. This means that it’s far less likely that the player accidentally meditates.
  • Fixed various important talent and talent system bugs, better affinity system.
  • Cooldowns now get applied properly and won’t be cancelled due to switching talents.
  • Cooldowns now no longer depend on how long you push the talent button. This only works for saves before you got the talent.
  • Cooldowns of unrelated talents no longer get altered by external calls. Added in a new function to track multiple cooldowns.
  • Added a check to prevent a cooldown time from being stuck.
  • Fixed a rare problem with the talent Arctic Wind. Enemies are no longer frozen for ever after shattering them.
  • Fixed the synergy of the talents Shocknova and Dimensional Rift, no longer resulting in an unending loop of Dimensional Rift.
  • Fixed two issues with the Fire arrow talent. The player is now able to properly use the bound bow with the talent. Furthermore the player can’t hoard Fire arrows when dropping them from their inventory and picking them up after the talent effect ended.
  • Skaragg and Qyranian Stance cancel each other automatically instead of telling the player to end the other stance.
  • Fastened the process of getting the talent level in the Devour Soul script by half a second.
  • Scrap metal left behind by an exploding Starling Spider now really can’t get picked up and it gets cleaned up as soon as it’s unloaded.
  • The perk Exhaustion from the Keeper skill tree should now work as intended.
  • The perk Bloodlust from the Infiltrator tree works now as intended
  • Ward spells are now buffed by Depth Concentration and Magical Repulsion properly.
  • Powder barrels should explode properly now with any kind of flame/fire damage. Cleaned the script of unnecessary code.
  • Mud Elementals are now always properly summonable.
  • Summoned creatures no longer drop unlootable ectoplasm that would remain forever.
  • Entropic Blood no longer works on friendly myrads.
  • Fixed Soul Trapping EXP reward.

Weapons and Armor:
  • Female version of the Ashwarrior armor has a proper model.
  • Adjusted some armors and weapons and removed a bunch of unused ones.
  • Fixed set bonuses not being applied properly when using the SkyUI Equip Mode.
  • Texture path on Steel Mace model fixed.
  • Fixed collision on Black Widow’s Elegy.
  • Fine Leather Gauntlets of Precision will be displayed when worn by the player.
  • Fixed the rotation and size of various items in the inventory.
  • Fixed various models on some forgeable items.
  • Factions and alliances between NPCs and the player have been reworked. This results in better behaviour of enemies and friendly NPCs alike.
  • Reduced damage buff of the perk Mystical Binding and increased the mana costs of bound weapons slightly.
  • Cleaned, fixed and/or added missing tempering recipes.
  • Minor adjustment for Grounding (Rank III) to better fit the other ranks of this spell.
  • Minor magic effect and book price adjustments on the spells Winterskin and Flamecloak.
  • Elemental wolfs and summoned creatures no longer cause diseases.
  • Lightning Cowl now costs the proper amount of mana.
  • Added more soulgems to magic merchants in Ark and in the Suntemple.
  • Torches are now craftable.
  • Oak Bows now require Quicksilver Ingots for crafting.
  • House Title Deeds are no longer sellable.
  • Adjusted the drop rate of Iron Arrows.
  • Reduced amount of purchasable arrows in the Frostcliff tavern.
  • Fixed the LOD (Level of Detail) file for Old Hatolis, mountains will no longer pop into existence when playing with low draw distance.
  • Fixed regions (Weather and Music) around the Dark Valley Myrad Tower.
  • Optimized Performance in Duneville.
  • Fixed floats (floating objects) in the Heartlands, Duneville, Thalgard, Frostcliff Mountains..
  • Fixed leaks (gaps between objects) in Thalgard, Frostcliff Mountains.
  • Fixed z-fighting (flickering textures) in the South Quarter.
  • Fixed landscape (ground) in the Frostcliff Mountains, Goldenforst, in Thalgard.
  • Fixed navmesh (ground that NPCs can walk on) in the Frostcliff Mountains, Heartlands, Sun Coast, .
  • Fixed collision issue in the meditation area, at the Sun Coast, in Castle Firerock.
  • Fixed chair and removed useless trigger in the tavern of Riverville.
  • Fixed swimming animation in the player house in the Noble’s Quarter.
  • Placed the gate at the main entrance of Ark in a better way.
  • Fixed critters at the Sun Coast.
  • Fixed or removed various idle marker in Ark.
  • Fixed lean marker and package of a guest in the Frostcliff Tavern.
  • Removed a useless multibound at the Suncoast.
  • Fixed useless labeling of a texture on a fishing net.
  • Fixed smoke being displayed to early in Ark.

  • Fixed a few voice file issues in “A Song in the Silence”.
  • The breath-in sound after being underwater for a while will be played properly.
  • Ger: Fixed a missing sound file of Rynéus in “A Song in the Silence”.
  • Fixed a lore error in Lishari’s tavern dialogue.
  • Added Jespar Voicefile Retake fixing lore errors.
  • Adjusted Voice Type of a generic NPC in the Malphas Temple in Ark.
  • Adjusted VoiceType of Gagantua.
  • Cows, leors and wolves will be more vocal.
  • Fixed a cooldown sound.
  • Fixed fireplace sound.
  • Added an option to the Mod Configuration Menu to disable Enderal tutorials (“Press H to check your stats” message that would be displayed after leveling up etc.) Skyrim tutorials can’t be disabled via MCM but need to be disabled manually via Skyrim.ini: [Interface] bShowTutorials=0.
  • Learning and Crafting books can now be consumed without the message box. Negative Skill points should not occur anymore.
  • Learning and Crafting books are now better organized in the inventory.
  • Pressing the “H” key while renaming an enchanted item, won’t open the Heromenu anymore.
  • Adjusted some messages that wouldn’t be displayed properly for players who use controllers.
  • Adjusted the sharpening stone tutorial message.
  • Reduced the EXP reward messages to one message only. This one message contains all info that was provided by two messages before, but it’s less spammy.
  • Adjusted a message to be localizable.
  • Removed a message of the talent Onslaught.
  • Fixed a few typos and naming issues here and there.
  • Fixed some unlocalized posters and typos in posters.
  • Localized multiple signs.
  • Subtitle in one of the visions at the end of the game no longer gets stuck on the screen until one reloads.
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Awesome list but I was hoping that under Sounds, I would read reduced or eliminated the incredibly annoying yawning/burping/snorking/spitting/coughing/etc. sounds in Ark and taverns. It had gotten to the point to where I have to turn the sound off if I am wandering/hanging around Ark.
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I have never noticed it to be that bad - but I do play the German version, maybe it is different. I recommend you create a suggestion in the Bug-Tracker.
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Hay bales no longer bleed when being attacked.
Now I understand why Steam assigned the "gore" tag to Enderal! :lol:
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14.09.2018 05:15lusine hat geschrieben:
I have never noticed it to be that bad - but I do play the German version, maybe it is different. I recommend you create a suggestion in the Bug-Tracker.
Done. Thank you.
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