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Enderal Team
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This isn't done in cooperation with the translators.
I tried to translate all the german names/places/objects etc and wrote the translation in brackets.
I haven't played the EV myself, so probably the names will be different when the english version comes out!
Slight Spoilers ahead! Especially in the section "Quest"!
Maybe one of our translators will correct the translations. We will see.
The official english patch notes will be written by the translators.
If there are any orthography and grammar mistakes let me know.

Changelog patch
- "Meisterbuch Alchemie" (masterbooks alchemy -> 75-100) increases the crafting ability now properly
- fixed a rare bug, in which an addition of the equipment bonus increased the players "Schleichen" (sneak skill) permanently and indefinitely by every usage of "Geisterlauf (ghostwalk)
- "Wissen" exploits fixed (knowledge exploits)
- general script fixes

Changelog patch

- general fix of frequent crashes
- crash cause fixed in context with the magic effect menu
- fixed system related crashes of the Enderal launcher
- fixed bug which causes a crash when leaving the tavern "Zur betrunkenen Biene" (drunken bee)
- fixed two crash causes when the player tries to meditate (german: meditieren)
- fixed rare freezes when closing the game
- steam write protection will be disabled for the duration of installation procedures and downloading updates
- game will shut down automatically during the installation of updates
- system components which can not be read will be skipped in the future
- added support of "Symbolic Link" directories
- search of Steam directory ignores special directory structures
- Readme disabled on system without PDF reader
- there are now signposts in Ark (and in the suntemple), using which one can switch between individual districts (tutorial triggers when you walk into the stranger/foreign district)
- the silent bards, male and female, (taverns: Fetter Leor, Roter Ochse, Schneefelstaverne, Zum falschen Hund) are fully voiced (in german). Also they have a new song: song of the winter sky (Das Lied vom Winterhimmel)
- the "eingesammelt" (collected) display by gathering magical symbols should trigger correctly
- meditation should be always in a dark environment
- description of "Angriffe zurückwerfen" (rebound attacks) of the "Hüter" (guardian) skill tree is working now properly (5 to 10% chance, to reflect all incoming damage)
- fixed various world bugs, especially three navmesh problems which were in the mainquest and caused plotstoppers
- added alternative download function for systems which not support download recovery

- fixed bug which caused that time in "Silberhain" elapsed
- Pathira should be approachable in "Apotheosis, Teil II" (in the generator room)
- added additional failsafe for "Hinab in die Tiefe" (Down in the deep) which will teleprt Jespar and Konstantin to "Nebelhaim" (Fog village) when the player enters
- "Teil von etwas Bedeutsamen, Teil IV" (Part of something significant, part IV) will stop after the player talked to Tealor after the ceremony
- "Zwei Seelen, Teil III" (Two Souls, Part III) should trigger properly even if Calia is not in the "Sonnentempel" (suntemple) but in the scuola
- after "Unser alle Rettung" (our common salvation/rescue) - (delivering the stone to Lexil Merrâyil) should trigger "Unser alle Rettung, Teil II" (our common salvation/rescue, part II) properly
- added questmarker which shows the way back to brewmaster Belend in "Rache is sauer" (revenge is sour)
- scene with the centurio battle after steel birds attack in "Eine vergessene Heimat" - (A forgotten home) should work more reliable
- added additionally questobjective in "Hinab in die Tiefe" (Down into the deep) while walking towards the crystal forest with Jespar, now Jespar will forcegreet the player
- scene in which Lishari and the player together killed three mercenaries in "Wellenzähmen" (taming waves) should work more reliable
- the player can't trigger the quest "Hinab in die Tiefe" (Down into the deep) falsely while walking through the crystal forrest
- fixed bug in which the player could get killed by entering the numinos in "Die Trümmer der Ordnung" (the shards of order)
- the dialogue with Lishari in the tavern should work more reliable, Lishari sits down during the dialogue
- added additionally failsafe in "Teil von etwas Bedeutsamem, IV" (Part of something significant, Part IV) which should start the scene at the fishing boat correctly (please create a ticket in the bugtracker if it's not fixed)
- added additionally failsafe in "Teil von etwas Bedeutsamem, IV" (Part of something significant, Part IV) so that Jespars inability to sit down isn't blocking the dialogie in the Emporium
- fixed several typos in quest "Engel" (Angel)
- questitem "Ein bewegendes Bildnis" (a moving picture) will be removed correctly after completing quest "Verlorene Bildnis" (a lost picture)
- the ballista in "Rynéus’ Höhle" (quest: "Ein Lied in der Stille" - "A Song in silence") which can cause savegame bloat has been completly removed
- Calias guided tour of the suntemple in "Teil von etwas Bedeutsamem, III" should trigger properly (tour will start a second time if it's not started already)
- main menu should display after credit video
- fixed bug in "Engel" (Angel) which caused a plotsopper in "Maya-Vision". If Calia doesn't force a dialogue talk to her by youself)
- Dal'Galar is now unvisible even if you leave the castle through "Meditation" (meditation)
- removing the telekinesis spell (which the player gets during the quest "Engel" (Angel)) from the spellbook after completing it
- the "stonedelivery" scene with Lexil in “Wort der Toten” (Word of the dead) should work mir reliable
- fixed big which caused that the explanation scene in the Chronikum during the quest "Wort der Toten" (Word of the dead) hasn't started
- Jespar will now be teleported back to "Nebelhaim" (fog city) when the player leaves the "Ratshaus" (city hall) in "Nebelhaim"
- fixed a bug which caused a plotstopper if you have a particular sympathy value in "Jeder Tag wie der Letzte, Teil 4" (each day as the last)
- after loading a savegame during the library scene in "Dal'Galar", the destroyed wall stays destroyed
- added one more quest objective at the end of "Eine vergessene Heimat, Teil III" (a forgotten home, Part III)
- Finn and Carbos aren't killable anymore
- fixed the bug which caused a plotsopper during the conference in "Deus Ex Machina" (conference wasn't starting at all)
- fixed the bug which caused a plotstopper during the dialogue with Lishari in "Deus Ex Machina" (Lishari stooped talking in "Alt-Dothulgrad")
- fixed the bug which caused the player is sometimes failing to throw the "Schwarzpulverbeutel" (black powder bag) during "Engel" (Angel)
- fixed a bug about the interaction with the "Alten Buch" (Old Book) in "Engel" (Angel)
- added a message at the door of castle Dal'Galar if the player tries to open it
- the quest "Vergeltung" (retribution/vengeance) doesn't block the main quest "Engel" (Angel)

- added improved texture for "Kileanische Sarass" (kilean sarrass - it's a saber/scimitar if I'm not mistaken)
- complete visual overhaul of "Agnod" (loacation)
- various setitems ("Aschekrieger" - "ashwarrior", "skaragg", "Wandermagier" - "wandermage", "Spuren des Nordens" - "tracks of the north") will display now properly for every race (they were invisible for several races before)
- inscription "Er ist noch hier!" (He is still here!) at the "Pulverklippe" (powder cliff) was slightly darkened

- "Robe des Tribunals" (robe of the tribunal) should have an armor value
- "Helm des Himmelstürmers" (helmet of the sky striker) and "Ordenscapse" (cape of the order) should have the right weight value now

- "Meister der dunklen Künste" (masters of the dark arts) allows to steel souls through summoned weapons
- "Eiserne Jungfrau" (iron maiden) throws back the melee damage of wildlife/animals (not only from humanoide beings with weapons anymore) and corrected duration of action
- the player can't attack wood puppets anymore, also they don't awake to life and brew potions (the most comical error atm)
- "black magician" affinity should be calculated correctly (aka "Psionischer Schleier" (psionic veil) will not display as false thaumaturge perk
- "Markieren" (mark) can be used in every exterior in the worldspace "Vyn" and in "Ark"
- The gamesetting "iDeathDropWeaponChance" was set to zero, like in the unofficially Skyrim patches, to avoid savegame bloat. Thanks to User "Capostrophic"!
- "Pisonisches Totem" (psionic totem) which is used to kill the blind prospector is now craftable at the forge
- all signposts in "Südviertel" (south district/quarter) can be used for fast travel
- backup flag will set correctly after repeated install/uninstall
- supposed empty folders will be rechecked for content before deleting
- version umber of the launcher will remain after backupping Enderal

- missing lines of Natara voiced
- voice type: "generic, female, young" doesn't greet anymore in second frequency
- voice type: "generic, female, hot-blooded" doesn't greet anymore in second frequency
- added a new randomly triggered dialogue between female and male guards
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Thanks! :)
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I appreciate the effort, Tilliboy.
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Firstly, I'm assuming we will be able to have things like, German voices + English text/subs?

Secondly, I felt like translating the patch notes for for practice. I tried to translate German names, but I'm not a translator or even a member of the dev team, so they might not be the same as the official names. Also there might be some spoilers;
- Removed a meaningless message in the prologue (at the beginning of "Verlassenen Tempels" [Abandoned Temple])
- During the final scene of the Old Era in "Das Wort der Toten" [The Word of the Dead], player should no longer die
- If Jespar pulls the chain twice in "Hinab in die Teife" [Down in the Depths], the gate remains open instead of closing
- Fixed an occasional problem where Andrasta does not welcome the player in "Ein bewegendes Bildnis" [A Moving Painting]
- The side quest "Vergeltung" [retribution] should not start before "Engel" [Angel] unless you kill the "Entropisten" [not sure] (in this case, the "Entropisten" should now work properly during "Engel")
- In "Engel" [Angel], the end of the fight against the undead is now detected properly
- In "Engel", Calia no longer stops when following the player
- In "Engel", the scene in the Research-area now progresses correctly regardless of the order you killed the awakened servants
- In "All die toten Seele" [All the Dead Souls] some characters should no longer greet the player silently
- In "Unser aller Rettung, Teil I" [Our Rescue, Part 1], large distance between Tealor and Yuslan no longer causes the scene to fail
- If Calia/Jespar don't travel with you on the elevator in "Eine verlorene Heimat, Teil 1" [A Lost Home, part 1], they will be teleported by a script
- In "Für das höhere Gut, Teil I" [For the Greater Good, part 1], you no longer have to leave and re-enter the Sun Temple before you can talk with your companion
- In 'Die Trümmer der Ordnung" [The Shards of Order], fixed a bug where Tealor stands in the way when you return from the Numinos [not sure, something related to divinity etc]
- In "Teile und Herrsche" [part and rule? Not sure...], Sila and Millbert will not be visible if you haven't found the note in Seehaim
[Not sure. Sea-home?]
- In "Das trostlose Feld" (the uncomfortable field? the barren fields?) there is now an option to end dialog with Torius. (if it is still missing, select other dialog options until it appears. The underlying cause isn't known, but now it is less broken).
- You can now submit the "pyräische" [no idea] cube in "Spuren der Vergangenheit" [Feel the past? Traces of the past?] when you get it without doing the quest. There is now a quest marker for Tiwon, and the quest objectives update properly when delivering the artifacts.
- You can no longer get unlimited Wissenspunkte (learning/experience points) from Father Vildas
- In "Geheimnisse aus der Busche" (secrets from the bush), you now only get a message when activating the bush at the start of the quest
- Player can no longer meet "Käptn Blei" [just a name?] early (which can break the quest "Gesucht in Ark" [Searching in Ark])
- The spell-effect of the "Mystical Potion of Uajaan Vul" in the quest "Der Geist aus der Flasche" [the ghost of the bottle] should now disappear, at least when you sleep after the quest

(this section talks about "leaks" and "bleeds", but I'm not 100% sure what those are, maybe save bloating, memory leaks, texture bleeding, etc)

- Fixed Z-fighing and leaks in Dancing Nomads
- Fixed leaks in Klippensprunggrotte (cliff jump cave?)
- Fixed many leaks and bleeds in Old Miskahmur
- Fixed many leaks in the interior and exterior of Tiefgrab [deep grave]
- Improved aesthetics of the Mine of Deep Grave
- Fixed leaks in Old Hatolis
- Corrected floating Barrels and Grass in Königsbucht [King's Bay] and Nodwindgebirge [Northwind Moutains]
- Fixed leaks in Wurzelhalle [Root-hall] of Gräberpfad [Grave-path]
- Fixed leaks in the subway stations
- Fixed leaks in Lichtain [light-something]
- Corrected rails in Unterstadt [under-city] so they can be moved in the right direction
- Added barriers in Ark so you cannot jump out of the world
- Reviewed leaks in temple by Flusshaim [Flusshaim => Riverhome?]
- Fixed Z-fighting in Flusshaim interiors
- Fixed pathing and leaks inside Father Tolgan's house
- Fixed leaks around Agnod
- Fixed several places where player could get stuck
- Fixed leaks in bleeds in Ark interiors
- Fixed some leaks, pathing errors, and visual problems in the Eremitenhöhle [Hermit Cave], "Den Hölen von Festung Goldenforst [Caves of gold forest], Andrastas' house, Keltyzar, Alt-Sherath (Old Sherath), Sternlingsgrabstätte (Starling's Tomb), Lebender Tempel (Temple of the Living], Old Myradenhalle [Myrad's Hall?], Old Tower basement, and leuchtsteingrotto [Glowstone Cave?]
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MrHappyFace hat geschrieben:
Firstly, I'm assuming we will be able to have things like, German voices + English text/subs?
Yeah, apparently it's not too hard to replace the german text /w the english text so that works just as well.
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Dear Fallout players,

for my master thesis at the University Koblenz-Landau I conduct an interesting study that deals with modifications (“mods”) for Fallout 4, for which I would like to win you (!) as a participant. In particular, I want to identify reasons why players build their own modifications for the game but I am also interested in the opinions of players who have only played modifications.
As a small incentive, I raffle three 20€ Amazon vouchers among all participants.
The survey is aimed at players of Fallout, and it takes 8 to 10 minutes. Here is the link:

Thank you for your participation!
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