A musical journey through Enderal

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Nicolas Samuel
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Walk blessed,

this time I want to take a closer look at the soundtrack of Enderal, which currently encompasses more than 4 hours of music composed by Marvin Kopp, Nicolas Lietzau, Simon W. Authenrieth, Andreas Makusev and several others.

Enderal’s soundtrack uses mainly 2 tracks as leitmotifs:

“Towards the Horizon”And “Black Light”

Parts of their melodies appear constantly throughout the entire soundtrack – also in the pieces used as exploration tracks.

These tracks are specific for each region; you will hear completely different background music when walking through the desert as when exploring the Northwind Mountains.

Several examples:

"Sound of Fugacity"

"North Winds"


"In the Sunlight"

As exploring in Enderal usually is far from peaceful there are also several action/battle themes which are unique for the area you currently visit, too.

When you are neither exploring nor battling you will often hold talks with several people in the vast world. Among those there are many important people such as your 2 followers and comrades Jespar and Calia. These people all have their own character themes which capture their emotions and way of living.
Calia’s theme is “Two Souls”, Jespar’s “Every Day as the last”

The main quest of Enderal also has many special tracks which were adjusted to certain scenes and themes of the main story, such as “Echo of the Past” or “The Dead don't forget”

This already marks the end of our journey into the soundtrack of Enderal – if you liked it I hope you are willing to hear more of Enderal’s soundtrack; either in Youtube or in soundcloud. :-)
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Can't wait to hear these in-game, where the full impact can really be felt. I'm feeling more anticipation for Enderal than for Fallout 4's GECK =p
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The music is beautiful; the last RPG game with a sound track that I considered to be worthy of its own CD was Gothic III. In fact, I don't know if it is a good thing or not, but listening to "Sound of Fugacity" immediately brought to my mind the desert (Varant) in Gothic III. Of course, I hope once I have played Enderal it will bring to mind the desert there.
Enderal Team
Enderal Team
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badgesareus hat geschrieben:
The music is beautiful;
That is the main reason I wrote this article ^^ (well there wasn't that much news for you, considering that you frequently visit my Q&A).
Imo the soundtrack of a game is as important as its story (graphics actually stand near the end for me, as long as it is consistent I'm happy) - because it sets the atmosphere for me. Also character themes really help with understanding the emotions of said chars.
badgesareus hat geschrieben:
RPG game with a sound track that I considered to be worthy of its own CD
Well Nico actually told sth quite nice in a comment on ModDB:
I have to correct you there: We were thinking about selling a CD/Special-Digital Download version of the soundtrack. But it will also be available for free.
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I have been playing Enderal now for over a week is all and have never had a crash yet. The music is beautiful, the scenario sounds is great including the battleground music is awesome. I don't know how much more you can improve this beautiful mod, but if you can, your team is awesome. I have never met a team who has been this precise and dedicated in their work where it all paid off in the end.
You deserve more than a mere kudos or whatever. I have never heaped praise onto a team such as yours ever before like this.
Thank you for all you have done to this point.
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