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Nicolas Samuel
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Since our last news mainly revolved new in-game material – thanks again for all the positive feedback!  - today we’d like to present you a new feature: “Define your experience”. We’ve put a lot of effort and thought into it, and we hope you’ll like it!

First off, some introductory words: A lot of design choices in games are nowadays driven by economic interests and factors. We don’t like this trend, and we do not intend to follow it - mainly because we believe that games should be made for players.

This credo also includes providing room for players to shape their own gaming experience. A lot of recent games (especially those made by “politically correct” studios) don’t provide this room – instead, they force their own political and moral convictions on players, both on an obvious and a subtle level, entirely ignoring whether these convictions are accordable with those of the player.

We believe this is wrong, and thus designed our new “Define your experience”-feature. Already when installing the game, the player will – with the help of some easy-to-understand parameters - be able to take influence on the gaming experience itself. Those who, for example, feel their personal faith or moral convictions to be infringed upon by the depiction of different ethnicities, are now able to exclude them from the world of Enderal, just by means of some simple clicks.

We hope you’ll like this feature as much as we do, and are confident to have taken a decisive step in the maturing of the Video Game-medium.
Kind regards,
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Couldn´t believe it at first but after a few minutes I figured out it was a april fool joke THANK GOD!
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Thank you for this update. Nowadays too few developers acknowledge people of different ethnicities in their games, and I'm really happy to see SureAI taking a step in the right direction. This is definitely the best feature yet to be implemented in Enderal and I'm sure it will greatly affect my gameplay experience in many positive ways. I'm definitely looking forward to it. Good job!
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I'm disappointed! I wanted to play as an hermaphroditic alien from Roswell! :mrgreen:
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EHUEAHUEAHUEHAUEH Damn, I feel used. SureAI, you bunch of bastards you.
Fred Scuttle
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I registered just so I could state - well done! :lol: :lol: :lol:
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Funny april fools, but it would've been better if you'd make the url in the screenshot have a picture saying april fools or something. :D

Frohe Ostern, SureAI! :)
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