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Nicolas Samuel
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... for everyone, who was wondering about the silence in the past two months. The simple answer, as usual: We're working like madmen (and women) and unfortunately, the work we're doing isn't as visually rewarding as other tasks; Balancing, Bugfixing and Quest-Implementation take a lot of time. Furthermore, the German localization got rolling, and we've started the English translation.

A thing some of you might be intersted in: After past years trailer, we were contacted by PCGamer UK. In next months issue, we're represented with a 6-page article about Enderal, with some exclusive information. Here's a Link to the announcement (We're flattered!). As soon as the article goes online, we'll link it here.

To wrap it up: Stay tuned! We're doing our best to deliver some new impressions as soon as possible. :thumbsup:

All the best,

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Nice to hear from you again! Hope you've all had a good new year! (and had that party! :dumb: )

Looking forward to the article! :)
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Totally understand no matter what kind of project it is it always loses its momentum near the end. The farther you get the more work it becomes and the less you'll see of it. The last bits always feel the hardest and most axhausting to do.
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