Master File and Tutorial Released

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About a month ago, Bethesda released the Creation Kit as an all new way to expand and/or change the world of Skyrim.

For teams of modders who want to create something completely different, getting started became difficult, because there was no official instruction available about how to realize that, or whether it was possible at all.
After two weeks of frustration and some small successful experiences, we managed to create a running Master File.

We also noticed that we are not the only ones interested in creating a Total Conversion of Skyrim. So we decided to offer a clean Version of the Master file (which we also use ourselves to develop Project 5) for download.

Additionally, we have released a tutorial that will explain how to activate and use Version Control - a tool that Behtesda use to work on one Master File with a number of people.

Togehter with the Master File, you are now perfectly equipped to create your own worlds.

Master File pack (about 3MB)
Version Control Tutorial
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Glad the world is coming along quite nicely now. Good luck with the rest!
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It's really cool of you to release that. Hopefully others can get some good use out of it!
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