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Big hello to our English Forum Users,

I am the DE(German)Head-Moderator (DE-Modification Support, too) and I'm urgent looking for an English, reliable and committed user(with good experience in modifying!) for a long-term and activ work as a Moderator at the SureAI-Forum.

The content of the English-Modification-List is completely out of date and our "Modificationa-Area" is totally disordered!
I am only responsible for our DE-Forum and "himmelslicht"(in vacation) has no experience in modifying(he has little care for the English forum-areas).
As a moderator you will have enhanced rights, but also a lot Obligations.

We are looking for someone with:
- Experience as/Know-How to be a Moderator
- Experience in TES-Modifying(!)
- Interest in SureAI-Forum
- Good team work
- Nervous
- (Maybe) Can speak/write a little German
- "Long" Membership at SureAI-Forum
- ("Many") qualitatively good posts

If interested, please send me a PM with some info about you at:

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