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Good news everyone!

We're glad to announce the start of the Early Access phase of our new game Dreadful River, for later this year!
Premise of the game
The realm is under attack. The king and his most loyal guards are trying to save the Eternal Crown. Floating down a vast river on a simple raft, you have to fight enemies, improve your gear, find allies and explore mysteries along the shores. Can you turn the tide?

We're attempting to include gameplay ideas you've liked in our previous games. We will post news and development updates on our known social media channels, so if you want to stay up to date, you could give us a follow there. We're also encouraging community feedback to make the game appealing to as many of you as possible!

Our next major project is still in the making, and by supporting Dreadful River, you will support SureAI and its resources for future, possibly bigger, releases.

Thanks to all of our supporters!
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