Mad Restaurant People (re-opened)

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Walk blessed …

… as a restaurant server!

While we’re working on our next major project, we’re glad to announce the release of Mad Restaurant People (re-opened).

Progress your career as a waiter by using your keen perception, your short-term memory and your ability to decide quickly. Fancy and unique places will hire you as you master challenges, unlock perks and stay calm even in the weirdest situations.

Be prepared to fight the elements (kitchen fires), evade zombies (drunk guests), tame monsters (hungry dogs) and survive a genuine robot invasion.

We are certainly aware that you are waiting for another SureAI game set in a world full of mysteries, haunting stories, memorable characters and deep lore. It’s in the making, but it will take time, and if you’d like to support us and have a fun time meanwhile, check out Mad Restaurant People (re-opened) on Steam and our webseite.

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