Enderal Patch released on Steam!

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Enderal Team
Enderal Team
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Walk blessed,

the new patch is now available! Steam will automatically download and install this patch for the English and German version. This patch needs to be translated for other localizations of the game (currently Simplified Chinese and Italian) and it will be available as soon as the responsible translation teams finished their work.

Be careful the patch notes could contain spoilers to some extent, we try to avoid them as much as possible, though.

Thanks to community member gavrant for a bunch of important fixes in this patch.

  • "The Void" (MQ02):
    • Fixed an issue causing Jespar to "randomly" halt sometimes while traveling to Ark.
  • "Part of Something Momentous, Part I" (MQ05Prologue):
    • Fixed a bug that caused Tealor to be unresponsive in the Emporium.
  • "Interlude" (MQ08Prologue):
    • Improvements on the fixes from the last patch.
  • "Part of Something Momentous, Part IV" (MQ10b):
    • Improvements on the fixes from the last patch.
  • "Black Light, Part II" (MQ12b):
    • Fixed an issue with the Doors being open from the Noble's quarter to the Marketplace during the first conversation allowing the player to wander off.
  • "The Sole Place" (NQ11):
    • General improvements to AI behaviour during and after the quest.
  • "Feud Between Brothers" (NQ14):
    • General improvements to AI behaviour during and after the quest.
  • "The Voice from the Water" (NQ15):
    • Fixed an issue causing Meldor not being at the beach during the end of the quest when the player continued the main quest after finding the book on the isle.
  • "Myths and Legends" (NQ29):
    • Fixed an objective display issue if you killed the creatures before reading about them.
  • "A Drop in the Ocean" (FS_NQ01):
    • Fixed an issue that caused the Dreamflower not to spawn if the player stored the recipe in the secure chest, blueprint collection or the spectral chest.
  • "Our Mark on this World" (FS_NQ02):
    • Esme will now change her outfits appropriate to the quest locations.
  • "Errand Boy" (NQ_G_03):
    • Hopefully fixed a bug that caused the Golden Sickle Trading House to be locked.
  • "Blood and Dust" (FS_NQR01):
    • Arena is now less exploitable and more streamlined.
    • Fixed a bug causing the crowd to be wounded or even to be killed during the fights in the arena.
  • "Dark Chambers of our Mind" (FS_NQR05):
    • Fixed an issue causing Tharaêl not giving the player keys to his chest.
  • Fixed vendor inventory of the Shrouded mage in the Undercity.
  • Zorkban's merchant inventory respawns now properly.
  • Fixed the Set bonus II of the Scarlet Night Set.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed the player to equip multiple amulets simultaneously.
  • Fixed an issue which caused not being able to give pennies to certain waifs.
  • Fixed an issue that canceled stances when the player had the Arcane fever debuff.
  • Fixed an issue that the apparition stays a werewolf when dying affected by "Joined Souls".
  • Fixed an issue when the armor calculation for the werewolf was erroneous when transforming in combat.
  • Fixed naming and effect of the enchantment on "Defense Robe".
  • Fixed the lighting system of certain lanterns around Enderal.
  • Fixed ownership on various items.
  • Fixed inventories of several types of NPCs - frost elementals, trolls, pigs.
  • Fixed respawn flags on a few triggers.
  • Fixed effect of roasted pork meat.
  • Fixed several textures and meshes.
  • Fixed behaviour of the guards patrolling in the Bank in Ark and fixed the schedule of the banker.
  • Fixed various occasions where the perk "Mental Expert" did not reduce the increase of arcane fever properly.
  • The Abnormality is now easier summonable in tight spaces.
  • Fixed "Ondusis' Key" scrolls. Locks should now unlock properly when hit with the spell.
  • Fixed sawmill.
  • Fixed a bunch of minor AI behaviour and furniture bugs in the Red Ox Inn.
  • The bound dagger is now actually a dagger.
  • Fixed a corpse which was running around.
  • Fixed unmineable quicksilver ore vein in the heartlands.
  • Removed a bunch of unused stuff.
  • Reduced area of effect of the spell "Purge" from 250 to 150.
  • Heavily reduced damage on the spell "Psionic Push", also reduced mana cost slightly.
  • Smiths now sell woodcutter's axes.
  • Reduced torch duration from 900 seconds to default 240 seconds.
  • Tweaked aggression settings on a few bandits and undead enemies.
  • Fixed two music tracks which never played due to their conditions.
  • Removed breathing sounds from tamed Myrads as the sound could have gotten stuck during the Myrad flight scenes.
  • Removed superfluous unsheathe sounds from bound weapons.
  • Fixed a bunch of typos and grammar errors.

Thank you for all the Feedback and for all reports!

Have fun playing!
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