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It is strongly recommended to start a new game after ForgotenStorys has appeared, otherwise it may come to conflict in the news.
16.12.2016 17:52Nicolas Samuel hat geschrieben:
Will old saves be compatible with "Forgotten Stories" or will I have to start a new game?

Generally speaking, Forgotten Stories will be compatible with old save-games. However, we advise starting a new play-through, particularly for those players desiring to unlock the hidden ending. Forgotten Stories is designed and balanced so that it fits and enhances the main game rather than as a stand-alone.
From when and how exactly you come to the hidden end, even I can not answer you.
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a redudnant question as it has been asked numerous times before but i figured i'd get it out of my system so to speak............... with the most recent patch of enderal having a side note that it was the last patch before forgotten stories is released does that mean its close to release or no? either way its fine by me but i kinda was thinking it would be since as i just stated there were apparently ging to be no more patches before forgotten stores gets released
nerevar X
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a release before summer is extremely unlikely at this point. the only thing thats hopefullly set in stone is a release in 2018 as otherwise they would exceed the 2 year mark for it which would be a bit excessive compared to the main game.

but the release isnt close for sure just because this was the last patch. otherwise there would be way more info on it.

i would expect a release at the earliest in june/july 2018 and at the latest december 2018. somewhere in that timeframe seems like a good estimate currently.
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