Enderal Patch (+ Hotfix released!

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OK, I appreciate your response and explanation. When I address "you" I am not talking about you individually but "you" meaning the SureAI team. And I appreciate the difficulty SureAI faced with a limited number of people who have a "real life" to lead. So let me address the issue this way.

It seems to me you are making 2 arguments for changing the associated skill of bound weapons from the weapons skill to entropy skill. First, it makes more sense, as the weapons are "summoned." Second, it is necessary for balancing issues.

Let's look at the first argument. True, if I am summoning a creature, it seems logical that if I have a higher entropy skill I can summon a stronger creature. But, after I summon it, I have no control over it. I cannot tell it what to attack or how to attack. I could possibly just sit on a rock, smoke my pipe, and do nothing while it does battle.
However, when I summon a bound weapon, it is different. I cannot just sit on a rock and let it fight for me while I wait. I must actually wield it. I cannot just shoot an arrow into the air and expect it to hit some vital part of the enemy; I must possess the archery skill for aiming, timing, perhaps if distant the elevation, etc. So to me it makes sense that a bound weapon should be tied to the weapons skill, not the entropy skill. [In fact, I wonder why there are bound weapons? ]

Secondly, there is the issue of balance. I think in seeking to create balance, there are two flaws in your (i.e., SureAI, not you personally) assumptions -- one, that it is desirable, and second, that it is possible. Is it possible? The odds are against you. Whether there are 5 or 10 or 100 devs on the team, you are facing hundreds or thousands or tens of thousands, or more trying to find and exploit imbalances (see below). Why is balance desirable? In your previous post you suggest that redressing an unbalance is a "greater evil" that outweighs the lesser evil of disrupting the time and effort some players have spent creating a character build that relies on weapons skills to scale bound weapons.

I would agree that some really tremendous imbalance would need to be addressed, but do you really feel that bound weapons being a bit overpowered is so serious that it constitutes a greater evil to be rectified vis-a-vis the costs to players in terms of time and effort invested? From what I've read (I never use them myself) the duration of a bound weapon is greater than the cool-down period of summoning it, so that a player can almost continually use a bound weapon by just respamming it over and over every 2½ minutes or so. Is this your intention? If not, could you not simply increase the cool-down thereby reducing the overpowering effect of the bound weapon, a less drastic approach?

I would argue that excessive balancing is not really desirable. Why? I've been playing RPGs since they've been invented and read through countless forum discussions, and I am quite sure that one of the fundamental pleasures of many players is trying to discover imbalances and how to exploit them. If you take that away, you may leave some players, well, disappointed. I recall when Two Worlds 2 came out with its unusual magic system, certain players (in Germany, actually) conducted endless experiments to create extremely powerful spells -- certainly overbalancing. And when a patch attempted to restore balance by blocking the method they used, the players simply experimented to find a workaround (which they did).

When Sacred 2 came out, there were countless discussions about how to create the most devastating builds -- combinations of weapons, magic, skills, etc. Some players were using advanced algebra and even calculus to evaluate the possibilities. The result - a degree of overpoweredness, but great fun for them, playing endless hours to try to squeeze out just a little bit more damage. Even in Skyrim players worked on gaming the alchemy, crafting and enchanting to create the ultimate 1-hit kills anything weapon. More recently with Titan Quest IT and its successor, Grim Dawn (which I think of as Grim Grind) their forums disclose players that have invested hundreds and even thousands of hours experimenting with many different builds attempting to find those that allow them to be rather overpowered; that is what makes the game enjoyable for them.

I expect there are likewise players of Enderal who have invested substantial time and effort trying different builds to attempt to find one that is a bit overpowering. So if they find an imbalance to exploit, let them have their fun. Don't be overly concerned about minute balancing. You are not building a finely crafted high performance luxury car, don't obsess over the details. Maybe SureAI can try to be a bit less German, and maybe a bit more - Italian? :lol:
(now watch, someone will "explode in my face" as you put it!)

For me, in this type of game I am a tourist. I want to see all the sights, all the scenery, every detail that SureAI has labored to create, every dark corner of every dungeon. Enemies are just something to be removed from my path as quickly and efficiently as possible, so I can get on with being a tourist. If I can find an overpowered weapon or spell, great!

EDIT In rereading your previous comments:
many people out there actually criticize us for the bad balance
please just keep in mind those who are satisfied with the balancing of the game are less likely to post a comment to that effect than those who are dissatisfied; i.e., comments about balancing are themselves unbalanced.

FS will change the general balance and even to a huge degree in some areas
Any hints about this? Let me sharpen my pencil! :D
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I very much look forward to using balanced Bound Weapons again like I did in Skyrim. To me, it makes a lot of sense to tie the ability to Bound Weapons to the skill that actually summons them (didn't Skyrim do the same?). Before I began playing Enderal last winter, I read many posts about avoiding Bound Weapons (i.e., overpowered), even though Enderal was much more challenging than Skyrim.

Now if you could move Fire Arrows perk to a little later, that would make them a bit less overpowered. ;)
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