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The SureAI Wiki needs your help!

Verfasst: 02.03.2017 21:39
von stuemper
As you may know, we've got a wiki - in german and english - regarding our games, so that players can inform themselves about the lore, world, quests, items etc. It's basically an encyclopedia for SureAI games.

Sadly, we only have a few contributors at the moment.

And that's the reason why I write this "request".

The core dev team is fully concentrated on bug fixing and creating new content for Enderal: Forgotten Stories. So, our capacities are already pretty much maxed out.
But we really want to get the wiki going and growing - we need your help to build it!

What needs to be done in the wiki? We need cool looking, but informative articles!
Any help is welcome:
  • creating screenshots, icons or videos to construct illustrative pages like this one from the first quest
  • writing playthroughs for quests
  • analysing and explaining game mechanics
  • writing about the persons, locations, flora, fauna and lore
  • ...and much more...
What is required to be a contributor?
  • love for digging into the lore, quests, etc.
  • fun at writing/reading
  • basic knowledge (optimal fluent) in either english or german
Having a basic knowledge about the Creation Kit or similar tools is not required, but makes your time searching for stuff easier. If you have trouble e.g. with the wiki formatting or setting up / using the CK, we'll help you of course.
I know, this all sounds much, but let me tell you that you don't need to write an article per day. No rush. :)

What are the gains of being a contributor?
  • Well written/crafted articles will be featured (without spoilers) on the wiki mainpage.
  • You will get the "Wiki-Team" flair at our subreddit, furthermore there will be a "Wiki-Team" group (with name badge) at our forums.
  • Access to the contributor chat group (Skype/Discord) for fast pace communication, coordination and also for general chatting.
  • You'll get first-hand information and access to our internal changelog.
  • Early information about Forgotten Stories (when it's done) to prepare new articles.
  • Feeling good to be a helping and guiding hand for other players!
Interested? Register yourself at our website! The login for the wiki and the login for the forum are the same.
Feedback and suggestions are very welcome!

We are really grateful and appreciate all the support you guys gave us already, may it be via patreon, donations, voting at awards, telling your friends about us, doing Let's Plays on YouTube / Twitch, writing awesome reviews and wiki articles, creating mods, helping us fixing bugs, helping other people to solve their problems or just being there talking/chatting about the game.
Thank you!

best regards,

Create a wiki account now and write awesome articles!

EDIT (May, 2019): Formerly I stated that wiki contributors will be mentioned / listed in the game credits. Due to various reasons and changes within SureAI this will be no longer be possible. I am sorry for everyone who was exited to see their name within in the credits.

Re: The SureAI Wiki needs your help!

Verfasst: 03.03.2017 02:58
von stuemper
Several people requested a discord Server.

Join and chat with other people:
We also have an extra channel for the wiki!