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Enderal Team
Enderal Team
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Enderal Patch + are downloadable!
Feel free to visit the patch overview in our wiki!
Launcher version: A54
Patch size: 102 MB


  • Added more housing fixes. If you weren't able to place funiture, please enter the cell again.

  • "Gnarldalf has to die!" (NQ06): The player can now no longer buy a horse from Freda if it has been killed before.
  • "A Touching Effigy" (NQ17): Erika now no longer gives a reward to the player when he tells her the truth about her mother’s doings. Also, she does not tell the player to leave if he lied to her.
  • "Trails of the Past" (NQ19): The artefacts should not fall through the ground anymore.
  • "Apotheosis, Part I" (NQ23): Pahtira appears correctly in Yerai’s house after rescuing her in Goldenforst.
  • "Apotheosis, Part II" (NQ26): Fixed a minor spelling mistake.
  • "Apotheosis, Part II" (NQ26): Fixed a bug that prevented the scene from advancing after the player opened the four valves. Simply talk to Pathira if you’re stuck, this should start the scene again.
  • "Apotheosis, Part II" (NQ26): The valve opening sequence should now work properly again.
  • "A New Beginning" (MQ01): If the player is wearing a torch when Finn asks him to sit down at the campfire, this torch is now automatically unequipped.
  • "A New Beginning" (MQ01): Burner shards will now properly disble after the bandit attack on the camp.
  • "Part of Something Momentous, Part III" (MQ06): Fixed a bug that caused Tealor to not be present at the ceremony.
  • "Into the Deep" (MQ09a): The beams which appear upon inserting the sigil stone in the Living Temple should now show up without an offset.
  • "Into the Deep" (MQ09a): Fixed a bug that caused Jespar to freeze when attempting to confront Firespark.
  • "Angel" (MQ11a): Fixed the bug that caused Calia to be stuck in Dissecting Room.
  • "All The Dead Souls" (MQ11b): The key for the cellar can't fall behind furniture.
  • "Black Light, Part II" (MQ12b): The bug that caused Tealor to never finish combat in the South Quarter is now fixed.
  • "Forotten Homeland, part II" (MQ13b): Calia/Jespar and Yaela will now follow to the second level of the nexus if they were stuck in a different cell.
  • "Forotten Homeland, part III" (MQ13c): Calia/Jespar now always follow the player onto the balcony that can be accessed from the Botanicum.
  • "Forotten Homeland, part III" (MQ13c): Yaela can't start combat with Calia/Jespar/the player anymore.
  • "Brave New World" (MQ18a): Fixed a bug that prevented the player from correctly entering the Starship capsule.
  • "Two Souls, Part II" (CQC02): Fixed a bug where Calia is ported to the Suntemple exterior rather than the Suntemple scuola.
  • "Two Souls, Part IV" (CQC04): Fixed a bug that caused the quest to not advance further after the first piece of dialogue.
  • "Two Souls, Part V" (CQC05): Calia’s companion quest now shouldn’t fail when the player has chosen the romance route.
  • "Two Souls, Part V" (CQC05): The starship engine room door should now be properly unlocked after finishing to talk with Calia.
  • "Two Souls, Part VI"; "Every Day Like The Last, Part VI" (CQ*06): The final part of both quests now shouldn’t trigger after Tealor’s final speech.
  • Fixed the position of various chests.
  • Fixed waterfall at the entrance of the suntemple.
  • Fixed a blurry texture at the suncoast.
  • Monastery Westgard can't be entered from the back entrance.
  • Hidden button in the undercity is now interactable.
  • Fixed navmesh in a shipwreck at the suncoast.
  • Fixed z-fighting in the manor of the old man.
  • Fixed bleeds in the starting area and in the frostcliff mountains.
  • Fixed multiple floats at the suncoast.
  • Fixed multiple leaks at the suncoast, in the abandoned temple, in the starting area, in the manor of the old man, in the tomb of Ark and in the foreign quarter of Ark.
  • Fixed multiple faulty collisions at the suncoast, in the drunken bee, at the star city and in the small depot of the Throatstone manufactory.
  • More Housing system bugfixes. Still encountering issues? Let us know in the bug tracker. Thanks
  • The "You've earned EP"-message should now only show once.
  • Robes count as light armor (in the next patch - they will finally work with all perks)
  • Added a new loadingscreen with more information on the "Freezing" system.
  • Fixed three not appearing perk lines, added a missing one in the meditation area.
  • Corrected the world model for the "Helmet of the Inner Frost".
  • Fixed first person model for Fine Leather Cuirass.
  • Power attack for one handed weapons now uses a different animation by mofumofu372!
  • Removed enchantment and a set script from an item which isn't in use.
  • The spell description for "Arctic Wind" has been updated for more clarity.
  • The amulet "Song of the Winter" has a better description.
  • The dagger "Deathstinger" is now balanced accordingly and equipped with a unique effect.
  • "Shock Nova" has been slightly buffed to deal more damage.
  • The Shadowtongue-Oil projectile now flies slightly faster and has more gravity.
  • Black Widow’s Elegy can now only be obtained via crafting. The finished sword which could be found in the same location the Black Soul Gem was located, has now been deleted. Also, a second Black Soul Gem has been placed in another location.
  • "Into the Deep" (MQ09a): Jespar shouldn't use his idle lines in the living temple anymore.
  • More soundtracks now properly use the correct files.
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