Enderal and Forgotten Stories will be released via Steam!

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29.09.2018 21:36badgesareus hat geschrieben:
Maybe you could re-release Nehrim on Steam, that would be great! I suppose it wouldn't be practical to do Arktwend on Steam as there are multiple English patches made by someone not SureAI.
nope, won't happen :)
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13.09.2018 23:53Buccaneer hat geschrieben:
Awesome list but I was hoping that under Sounds, I would read reduced or eliminated the incredibly annoying yawning/burping/snorking/spitting/coughing/etc. sounds in Ark and taverns. It had gotten to the point to where I have to turn the sound off if I am wandering/hanging around Ark.
Just a small thing, but it was really ruining the mood for me too in the german version of the game.

Especially when wandering in the Graveyeard. Or just leaving the city from direction of the market. My biggest issue was the burping, I got the idea behind the 'medieval' inspiration but it just came out rude to me and I really wished someone did a mod to just silence those brutes.

In the end I avoided the whole city with the mark - recall spell as soon as i got it and was so glad when I figured out how the street signs in Ark worked. Please think about reducing those sounds. It would be much appreciated!
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