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von Foacir
29.07.2014 19:10
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Looking at this, I can just say... Wow.
Wow for the image, the scenery, the depth, the lightning, and all the love and effort that went in there.
Wow for the words, that bring a chill to the spine as we remember the past events of Nehrim.

Keep going, SureAI. Show us what you've got.
von Foacir
08.01.2014 06:09
Forum: Questions, Critique & Wishes
Thema: A plea, and a thanks.
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Nehrim was not a game for me. Not a bit. At first, it seemed like an enormous world, Oblivion like, and I was ready to do some dungeon crawl in logic-less dungeons filled with generic enemies. Why, at first I thought Nehrim was a simple mod for Oblivion. I did not know how wrong I was. It took me th...
Die Suche ergab 12 Treffer Seite 2 von 2