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von rtf54
04.01.2014 20:13
Forum: Discussion
Thema: Interview with SureAi, the second
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I have a question:

Will we hear music from Lukas Deuschel or Simon W. Autenrieth? (Composers of the Nehrim soundtrack)
von rtf54
26.12.2013 21:47
Forum: News SureAI
Thema: Everything comes to an end...
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Just press the little arrow at the top right corner :P
von rtf54
08.10.2013 16:15
Forum: News SureAI
Thema: Enderal and Nehrim-article on RPG-Watch
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RPGWatch: Nehrim got easier as the game progressed. That is to say, as long as you explored and did the optional content to gain experience, your character became very powerful. What are you doing in Enderal to make sure the game doesn't become a pushover at higher levels? How will you balance the ...
von rtf54
02.12.2012 12:37
Forum: News SureAI
Thema: Enderal has been nominated for the "Best Upcoming Mod 2012"
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Voted. I really hope it'll win the title ''Best Upcoming Mod'', because it should! :thumbsup:
von rtf54
02.07.2012 22:05
Forum: Questions, Critique & Wishes
Thema: Suggestions & More
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I read the recent article about SureAI and i got some ideas i want to share :) Thank you Numring for translating the article! To avoid creating too long posts, i decided to create a new topic. GamersGlobal: How did you react when Skyrim was officially announced in December 2010? Nico: First of, curi...
von rtf54
02.07.2012 22:04
Forum: Questions, Critique & Wishes
Thema: The game map
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Shouldn't we make a compromise? Make the map in 3d, but instead of having 3d world, it'd be a flat paper map lying on a wooden table or other 3d environment. :P
von rtf54
09.06.2012 21:15
Forum: Discussion
Thema: What awaits us on June 9th 2012 @ 10:00 p.m. GMT?
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The timer has already passed, so y no there any news or something? Or what was the purpose of the timer? :o

I'm eagerly waiting for them, if there are any to come :wink:
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