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von Sporcut28
05.04.2019 13:18
Forum: News SureAI
Thema: [Announcement] Enderal: Forgotten Stories (DLC)
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20.12.2016 08:44my_summertime hat geschrieben:
Great news, but I have one question: Is it gonna be separate esp and bsa or do you intend to use skyrim.esp form oryginal Enderal?
Do you get your answer?
von Sporcut28
05.04.2019 13:15
Forum: III Morrowind
Thema: MORROWIND 2 problems
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Good Lord) How lucky am I to find this link, thank you
von Sporcut28
05.04.2019 13:12
Forum: News CA
Thema: We've just released the game "Mad Restaurant People"!
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Nice graphic. But sometimes it freezes for several minutes, and I have to restart
von Sporcut28
28.03.2019 13:25
Forum: V Skyrim
Thema: skyrim cosplay
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Heb je cosplay-make-up geprobeerd? Hoe lang duurde het voordat je?
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