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von gnewna
18.08.2019 09:19
Forum: Story Discussion
Thema: [spoiler] Archmagister Lexil near the game's end
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I think it's important not to confuse game mechanics for Secret Lore. Tealor and Jespar can both talk when you find them, so they're evidently not yet dead (well, for some value of "not yet dead"). I think it's safe to assume that the floating humanoid shape is Lexil's soul leaving his body, regardl...
von gnewna
23.03.2019 09:41
Forum: Modifications
Thema: Enderal Book Contents
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'Singular they' has been correct English grammar since around the 12th century, I believe (definitely have read 12th somewhere quite recently, can't find it now, so I'll go with 14th). It was only in the Victorian era, from what I've gathered, that 'genderless he' became 'the correct way' (until tha...
von gnewna
10.03.2019 17:12
Forum: Discussion
Thema: Cuthbert's Legacy: For Fedex Quest Lovers [mild spoilers]
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This was one of my favourite side quests, I had most of the Stuff already, the booze was easily acquired in the tavern so the "get stuff" part didn't really bother me, and I GOT A PET GHOST PIGGY for playing Cupid. The only mildly bothersome part was running back and forth a bit, but if I'd thought ...
von gnewna
10.03.2019 16:59
Forum: Discussion
Thema: your experience with companions
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Mostly pretty good, though i wish Jespar would sneak when I do at the Aged Man's Manor - he seemed fine with sneaking the rest of the time, so it was a bit weird that he didn't there (I know there's no NEED to sneak, but HE doesn't know that!) Couple of points that stuck in my memory aside from that...
von gnewna
10.02.2019 09:07
Forum: Discussion
Thema: Enderal first time, impressions
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Ah, so glad to see you've been updating again (I think I read through the entire thread months ago, hadn't seen the newer posts)! Great thread :D
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