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von Alexandrious
22.09.2018 21:30
Forum: News SureAI
Thema: Enderal and Forgotten Stories will be released via Steam!
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I been holding off on Enderal until Forgotten Stories comes out. Really wanna play Enderal since im waiting on Fallout 76 and all but It will be worth playing once FS is out im sure.
von Alexandrious
02.09.2018 00:53
Forum: Support
Thema: Need current Translate_ENGLISH file [solved]
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Sorry to bother ya. I recently used a mod that did a slight change, but didnt see that it for whatever reason, overwritten the Translate_English file. It was a skyrim mod to disable to use of Console. I tried the most up to date Translate_English file I can find, and it works mostly, theirs still so...
Die Suche ergab 2 Treffer Seite 1 von 1