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von tazz001
26.09.2018 00:34
Forum: SureAI
Thema: Elder Scrolls VI Announced by Bethesda
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There is so much content in the form of mods, Bethesda really has to dream up something special if the game is to be anyhow close in comparison to Skyrim.

I do not think it will do as well just my opinion if i was going to speculate, Bethesda took too long.
von tazz001
01.08.2018 13:55
Forum: Enderal - Story Discussion
Thema: [Spoiler] different ending?
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neither of the endings are exactly "good" or "happy" ones
I do not think the ending upon cloud city is bad with the Adam & Eve concept :)

I do like how dark Enderal the story is.
von tazz001
01.08.2018 13:27
Forum: Enderal - Story Discussion
Thema: [Probable Spoiler] Silvergrove
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One of my favorite quests :)
von tazz001
16.04.2018 03:12
Forum: Enderal - Discussion
Thema: Aspiring to play Enderal in 4k
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Well it will play fine at 1080 forget 4k - Elder Scrolls at 4k leaves a "level up" logo onscreen at a full 4k even though you can not level up, it will play on my PC but that logo will be annoying & burn your screen as it never moves location, game was not designed for that resolution & Bethesda is ...
von tazz001
16.04.2018 03:08
Forum: Enderal - Discussion
Thema: One year later, no Forgotten Stories DLC?
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LMAO - you been told "its finished when its finished" been waiting 6? maybe 7 years for Bethesda and they do not seem to be in any hurry still making $$ with that old game, shit my son I bought the game for was in his Senior yr of High School when it was released, has two Bachelors and is about to g...
von tazz001
16.04.2018 02:36
Forum: Enderal - Quest Guides / Help
Thema: four star difficulty
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I personally think the mages are a tad one sided in Enderal as compared to the parent game - I use a bow in both, also fire atronachs & sneak skills, I have played this game 2 years now and a bow is your best bet to kill a distant mage, who by the way has no armor yet can withstand many hits with a ...
von tazz001
16.04.2018 00:06
Forum: Enderal - Support
Thema: Paper World Map - Information!
Antworten: 47
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I had a similar issue that drove me insane, I wound up getting a second hard drive, clean install of Win10 64bit did a steam install of Skyrim which I copied the complete clean install folder to a flash drive just to avoid these issues. I started Skyrim played till I named my character. At that poin...
von tazz001
04.03.2018 16:50
Forum: News SureAI
Thema: Enderal Patch released!
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Thanks a bunch - I DL last night est a few freeze ups unlike the previous random "Skyrim quit working and needs to close" The crashes are a frozen screen must do a "windows sign out" to close the program. Will update if the crash continues. Fresh install of Win10, fresh install of skyrim only played...
von tazz001
16.02.2018 03:13
Forum: News SureAI
Thema: [Announcement] Enderal: Forgotten Stories (DLC)
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Any word on the release of this DLC

Thanks Gals & Guys Enderal has been an enjoyable story.

I anxiously await this DLC as well as the release of the newest Skyrim by Bethesda if it ever happens.
von tazz001
15.02.2018 22:46
Forum: Enderal - Story Discussion
Thema: [Spoilers] What would you like to see in the upcoming DLC?
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May be going for a long-shot here but if possible have Lishari as a romance option? She was my favorite too :thumbsup: I just played through this season the newer map seems to be fine - story is very good both endings are awesome, the Enchanting & Smithing seem to be sub par compared to Skyrim - I ...
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