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von Twistappel
14.02.2019 22:11
Forum: Modifications
Thema: Modlist for Forgotten Stories
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SkyUI and Race Menu seem to be working too.
von Twistappel
22.03.2017 04:16
Forum: Story Discussion
Thema: [Possible Spoil] Poll: What Ending Did You Pick?
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I wanted to pick the sacrifice ending (on the basis that I could pick the other one on my second playthrough, just to see what happened). But my game bugged and I only got the "Flee" option in the dialogue. Apparently the game really wanted my character to live. Blame the Veiled Woman. Or possibly a...
von Twistappel
22.03.2017 03:31
Forum: Story Discussion
Thema: [Spoilers] What would you like to see in the upcoming DLC?
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The DLC notes say the Veiled Woman would be revealed further, but how much are we really getting from the lore? In my honest opinion I find it incredibly annoying where games are given a speculative conjecture on what the player thinks is going to happen. I'd love to see some more information on th...
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