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von showa48
11.12.2018 10:42
Forum: News SureAI
Thema: [Ankündigung] Enderal: Forgotten Stories (DLC)
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Stay on taaarget..... :-)
von showa48
28.11.2018 12:35
Forum: News SureAI
Thema: Enderal and Forgotten Stories will be released via Steam!
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28.11.2018 11:39Kermit 61 hat geschrieben:
28.11.2018 09:59showa48 hat geschrieben:
Any news about this?
Last answer (November 24th) from the german forum.

"So far, it looks good. Today, the first internal Steam build goes online to test the final release configuration. But I do not say more."
Danke :-)
von showa48
21.07.2018 14:15
Forum: Discussion
Thema: Status before Forgotten Stories: Number of playthrus?
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Just curious: Here just shortly (I hope..) before Forgotten Stories, how many playthrus have people had on this addictive game. I am at my second playthru now, where I have tried two different builds; a pure magitian/elementarist build and a more mixed spellsword build. For some reason, both builds ...
von showa48
21.07.2018 10:31
Forum: News SureAI
Thema: Small update Regarding Forgotten Stories!
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Just home from holiday - and can't wait to play it :-)

Good work in the summer heat there :-)
von showa48
08.01.2018 09:04
Forum: News SureAI
Thema: Forgotten Stories Update!
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04.01.2018 22:36CoatRackPerson hat geschrieben:
I see it, I'm so hyped for this update! I'm debating on whether or not I should stop my playthrough so I can complete it with forgotten stories.
Heh heh, me too.

I decided to take a recent second playthrough before Forgotten Stories, just to get a hang of the gaming universe and lore again :-)
von showa48
28.12.2016 21:54
Forum: Support
Thema: Cannot exit the "meditation island"
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I can use the meditation talent to enter the "meditation island" (or "A Strange Place"), but once one of my characters are there, I cannot equip a weapon or spell, and I cannot use a talent, like meditation. My character is, essentially, stuck on the island. Any advice on this, or has anybody else h...
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