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von aimlessgun
26.10.2016 06:14
Forum: Discussion
Thema: I would like to thank SureAI one last time for Enderal.
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I just finished the game and instead of making a new thank you thread I'll also leave my thank you here :) Really amazing how everything in the game came together as a total work of art, from the writing to the environment design to the books to the music to the voice actors. Definitely will be a ga...
von aimlessgun
26.10.2016 02:25
Forum: Story Discussion
Thema: (Spoilers) Which ending do you prefer?
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Just recently finished the game (wow! you know it's a good story when afterwards you are compelled google 'enderal forums' to see discussion about it). It was also very hard for me to decide. I initially thought I would do as the Black Guardian suggested, as it was an appealing scenario plus I got t...
von aimlessgun
26.10.2016 01:38
Forum: Story Discussion
Thema: How would you help the Prophet if you were a ....
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Hmm I guess it depends on how resilient you think the cycle is. On the face of it, the events leading to the cleansing are such a precarious rube goldberg machine of cause and effect that some well placed sabotage or murder would totally throw things off. Be the temple cook and poison Sha'rim's coff...
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