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von Mannerheim
04.10.2016 13:09
Forum: Questions, Critique & Wishes
Thema: Few questions before downloading Enderal.
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Mods need to be done for enderal if I understood developers earlier messages.
So Skyrim mods don't work.
von Mannerheim
04.10.2016 13:02
Forum: Quest Guides / Help
Thema: gameplay advice
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Robes (that boost magic) are light armors, I'd invest on that.
Best robe so far I've found has armor ~100, about same as my normal light armor (I'm not using magic at all, just melee)
von Mannerheim
04.10.2016 12:58
Forum: Discussion
Thema: Handicrafting
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I'd like to know why I can't upgrade my Aeterna swords?
Used sooo much points to get handicraft to 100, and says "not enough skill" or smthing like that.
What am I missing, many other swords/daggers/bows worked fine.
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