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von Flamingo
13.11.2016 21:34
Forum: Modifications
Thema: Bigger "Compass HUD"
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Hi.. so, im having issue with compass, that shows you your closest destinations and also diretion of quest destination.. (Im sorry, i really don't know how else to call it then compass" That thing is just way too small... everything has ok size but i can't really see properly next destinations.. i j...
von Flamingo
13.11.2016 08:52
Forum: Questions, Critique & Wishes
Thema: English translation
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Hello, after finishing Enderal.. beautiful and amazing.. stunning game! With mindblowing story... ididn't want it to end just yet... so.. I decided i will play Nehrim too and educate myself in German by listening to it a bit... buuut you know... subtitles gotta stay english.. After absolutely incred...
von Flamingo
28.09.2016 14:00
Forum: Support
Thema: Drunken Bee
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Hey, i haven't found topic about this one, hope i haven't missed it. I just recently installed Enderal, having a blast, loving everything around the game, had to lower graphics though, when i ran Skyrim on high, Enderal is to work perfectly fine on medium.. yet still great graphics... i experienced ...
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