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von Blackrock
20.09.2016 08:18
Forum: Story Discussion
Thema: [Spoilers] Epic moments of Enderal
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Not really an "epic" moment, but one small detail I absolutely loved is the record player on Kurmai's airship. Before going to sleep and moving on to the Starling city, I just set there on the chair, kicked back and listened to the music. It's minor things like these, not fancy graphics and highly-p...
von Blackrock
20.09.2016 08:15
Forum: Story Discussion
Thema: (Spoilers) Which ending do you prefer?
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Finished the game last night and I seriously had to pause for a couple of minutes to think this through. Ultimately I went with the Sacrifice ending, as I feel that is the logical conclusion to the story. While fleeing from the Cleansing and waiting out for the new Cycle sounds nice on paper, I feel...
von Blackrock
20.09.2016 07:30
Forum: Discussion
Thema: Thank you, SureAI!
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Registered here just so I could say a big THANK YOU from me as well! After 70+ hours I finished the game last night and, damn, it was so good! Even after a month of playing, I still can't come to the fact that this whole thing is a fan-made project. Like, are you guys wizards?! The sheer complexity ...
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