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von Dark Lord
23.10.2016 17:09
Forum: Story Discussion
Thema: [Possible Spoil] Poll: What Ending Did You Pick?
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BigElectricCat hat geschrieben:
Oopps! Never do something like create a poll late at night. :shock:

'Dark Lord' already asked same question just not as a poll.
I did create a poll for my own topic regarding this subject. :P
von Dark Lord
17.09.2016 12:06
Forum: Questions, Critique & Wishes
Thema: Entropy (Summoning) Spell Variety Question
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I recently finished the game, while also using Entropy as one of my favored skills. It seems to me that most summons are capped at Rank II. Not that they need higher ranks, as most of the higher end summons, such as the elemental wolf and the Oorbaya can easily defeat most of the enemies on their ow...
von Dark Lord
15.09.2016 17:40
Forum: Story Discussion
Thema: What is the lore behind the Undercity?
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I just finished the game and one of the areas that impressed me the most as the Undercity. Its dark and dirty atmosphere caused me to avoid the place whenever I could. Whenever I walked there, I always felt I ended up lost in one of those neighborhoods everyone is telling you to avoid at all costs. ...
von Dark Lord
15.09.2016 13:47
Forum: Story Discussion
Thema: (Spoilers) Which ending do you prefer?
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As the title says. I think I would choose the "sacrifice" ending. My biggest problem with the "Flee to Star City" ending, is that there are so many possibilities things would go wrong once more. Because the Prophet is immortal, he would certainly outlive his or her partner, causing him to be left al...
von Dark Lord
14.09.2016 07:28
Forum: Questions, Critique & Wishes
Thema: Enderal Wiki- join us!
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I would really like to help you edit the wiki, but am unable to. The problem is that I can't confirm my e-mail address, as I haven't received any confirmation mail since my registry yesterday. Not even in my spam folder.
I tried this on two mail addresses, but still no confirmation mail in sight.
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