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von SerenaTheUnicorn
23.09.2017 22:05
Forum: News SureAI
Thema: [Announcement] Enderal: Forgotten Stories (DLC)
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Just a quick question, any estimate on how finished it is? Just curious if we'll see it this year, I might be getting a better computer around Christmas time so I can fully enjoy the beauty of it. owo
von SerenaTheUnicorn
22.08.2016 18:58
Forum: Story Discussion
Thema: So is it left up to intereptation (Nehrim and Enderal spoils
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Whether Tyr was spared or slain by the Shadow God?
von SerenaTheUnicorn
20.08.2016 20:23
Forum: Questions, Critique & Wishes
Thema: Soundtrack Question [solved]
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Sorry if this has been asked somewhere before but is there any chance of a soundtrack download being made any time soon? I would very much like to listen to it on my iPhone because it is simply beautiful and I finished the main story just yesterday.
von SerenaTheUnicorn
13.08.2016 22:54
Forum: News SureAI
Thema: English version of Enderal released
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I know this is for the actual Elder Scrolls games but thank the Nine Divines!
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